ClearStory has produced Driving Sideways, a series of six original digital shorts for All4 exploring the world of car drifting.

The three-minute films reveal what drifting is all about – the smoke, the screeching, the Mad Max-style mayhem – and follows these car junkies for whom driving at the edge of control is a way of life.

Russell Barnes, co-director of ClearStory and executive producer, said: “This series isn’t just about pulling donuts, or driving fast, it’s about a way of life for this community of passionate car fanatics who are searching for the ultimate adrenaline rush on four wheels.”

The subjects of each film were discovered by the team at ClearStory and directed by Tee Byford including: pro drifting legend Baggsy; Jodie, the woman who grew up on a mission to prove that girls can be better than boys she’s racing; a tour of Westonzoyland, a strip of tarmac which is home to a community of drifters; we meet Buttsy who drifts a Formula 1 car, and Str33t Dr1ft1ng reveals the undercover world of post-midnight, illegal drifting; while Phil is on a mission to fix his beloved wreck of a vehicle.

The six shorts were commissioned by All4 and are available to watch on All4 at

This series is the second series of online shorts that ClearStory has produced for Channel 4 – the first a series with Tim Lovejoy considering the future of everything from food to money to space.

Co-director of ClearStory, Molly Milton, said: “Producing online shorts is a different discipline to traditional longer form documentary-making that ClearStory has built a strong reputation for. Being able to shine a light into a world which is so little known is the strength of these films, and indeed encapsulates what ClearStory is all about – creating dynamic, diverse and engaging output – whether long form or short form.”

Molly Milton, co-director of ClearStory and Russell Barnes, co-director of ClearStory are the executive producers.


Clear Story is an independent television company set up in 2010 by Russell Barnes and Molly Milton. Known for documentaries portraying powerful human stories and for authored series tackling big ideas on history and science, they create ground-breaking ideas and deliver strong, talk-about content for both broadcasters and advertisers. They most recently produced ground-breaking series, Sex Box for Channel 4, and historical series, Battlefield Recovery which aired on Channel 5 and transmitted around the world.